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Rest... Re-envisioned

Posted by on 20 March 2013 | 108 Comments

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During my sabbatical, it has been easier to find rest than normal.  My schedule has been pretty full at times, but even when full, it has not, for the most part, had the nagging urgency of 'Do it now!' screaming at me.  But soon, it is back to reality.  Back to... well, back to the ordinary, with all that that entails.

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Christians... Just Oughta Have Fun

Posted by on 1 March 2013 | 7 Comments

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Yesterday it was the Rockies of Colorado.  Today it’s Mount Watadic.  I set out this morning to hike this little mountain in northern Massachusetts.  The mountain is located about an hour north of my daughter’s home in Holden, Massachusetts.  We arrived there from Colorado Springs last night, and tomorrow we are heading out for North Carolina.  So one might think I ought to simply rest today.  And I will.  And I am.

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Posted by on 24 January 2013 | 11 Comments


Rest.  It's a funny word in a world which often equates a person's worth with his or her productivity.

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It's a New Day

Posted by on 21 January 2013 | 50889 Comments

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Last night was a special one!!!  As I prepare to leave on my sabbatical, I found myself and Diane surrounded by people who love us - a church family.  At the end of our evening service, a seasoned saint called our Church Board members forward, and they gathered around, and prayed a blessing upon us.  And then we - the gathered church - shared fellowship and food together.

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