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I like coffee.  I drink coffee.  But I’m not one of those can’t-function-without-a cup kind of people.  I would say I’m not overly discriminating when it comes to coffee.  As long as it’s not ridiculously weak, I’ll enjoy a cup of coffee.  But… well, it’s just coffee. 

That’s how I’ve lived my life.  But now it’s all changed.  It happened at Days Store in Belgrade Lakes, Maine.  You see it was there that I had occasion to put two creamers in a takeout cup, and then fill the cup with something called Green Mountain Coffee, Lake and Lodge Mix, Dark Roast.  At first sip I knew something had changed.  I was now ready to call myself a coffee connoisseur.  I now had a standard of excellence against which all other coffees will be forever measured.

In short, I was ruined for the ordinary.  From here on in, only the extraordinary will suffice.

Here’s where I have to say this:  If you’ve truly tasted of the goodness of the Lord, it seems to me that it must be a terribly difficult thing to go back to a life of ordinary.  On my side of the theological divide, I accept it as possible.  But the longer I walk with the Lord, the more difficult it seems to accept that anyone would choose to trade the ‘extraordinary’ of the Lord for the ‘ordinary’ of the world. 

Somewhere out there, someone close to you - maybe you yourself - have accepted bland religion as your spiritual reality.  The life that Jesus holds out for you , is an extraordinary one.  If you have not yet stepped into that life, know that God is beckoning.  He calls upon you to taste and see that the Lord is good.  Extraordinarily good.  Today, he invites you to be ruined for the ordinary.  

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