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This morning, I was looking out the window at my car.  No, let me rephrase that:  I was looking out the window for my car.  I knew it was out there, because I could see everything of the car that was above the hood.  But everything lower than the hood was buried under snow.

This is what it is to have spent the past twenty-four hours in the eye of a major winter storm.  In fact, my daughter tells me this is the most snow she’s seen land here in a single storm since she moved here nine years ago.  Because Worchester, MA sits pretty close to the center of the storm’s track, some might say that this should be about the worst place to have been for the storm.  Worcester City Manager Michael V. O'Brien declared a state of emergency at noon yesterday.  But I would beg to differ.

Here’s why:

Because I am here,

1 - I got to help my family dig out from the storm (a special blessing since my son-in-law dislocated his shoulder this week at the Holden Fire Dept.)

2 - I got to share in my grandson’s winter storm camping experience (which sounds potentially life-threatening, until you realize that we didn’t actually leave his bedroom to share the experience)

3 - I got to skate on a backyard rink with my grandchildren (before the rink got covered with 28 inches of snow)

None of this was planned.  It was simply a result of a prayerful decision to abandon New York City ahead of the fierce winter storm that blanketed the eastern seaboard last night.  Sometimes, to grasp the Lord’s serendipities along life’s road, we have to abandon our plans, and simply walk in the flow of the life he lays out before us.  And so, while yesterday a state of emergency was declared for this area, today I am declaring a state of blessedness, and giving the glory to God. 

Holden, Massachusetts.  28 inches of snow.  State of emergency?  State of blessing!  Where else would you rather be…?

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